Welcome to my little screenwriting space.


I’m Tim, nice to meet you.

Here’s where I will (hopefully) spread some knowledge/wax poetical about the perils of screenwriting.

Wanting to make a living as a screenwriter, or any kind of writer for that matter, ain’t easy. You really got to put yourself out there. And this is why I created this site.


That’s me at a friends, reading a screenplay and drinking wine. Two things I enjoy to do in tandem on an occasion ( or five).

So I hope to make posts about how to improve your skills as a screenwriter. And I’d also love to offer you my screenwriting services.

I specialize in formatting, editing, story consulting and feedback. Get more details about that here.

I’ve been writing seriously since 2009. I’m a graduate of the Writing For Television and Film program at Vancouver Film School. I think I’m pretty darn good at what I do and eventually I’ll have a page where you can view some of my work.

For now here’s a link to my old wix page that I haven’t updated in awhile. There’s examples of my writing on the work page.

That’s it for now.


– Tim


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