“I am very happy with the work that Tim did…”

Stephen A Christian – Aussiewood Pictures CEO

screenwriter feedback

“It really made me think of new ways to boil down my Logline.”


“Tim’s timing was brilliant with this project. I was feeling very unconfident about the first half of a screenplay i was writing. I sent it to Tim to edit and he (knowing i was under serious time constraints) Had it back to me in less than two days. Very happy! “

  “He was very fast and well done with the edits! Thank you. “

 “Tim is very good and does great work. I highly recommend him to anyone. “

Review2 – michaelw

“Great Job! Quick service and knows what he is doing.”

“This guy is great, great communication. Very professional, really knows his craft. Will use him again.”

“Received great service and quick work. Well worth it and highly recommended for any future work. “

screenwriter consultation“Fantastic job. Thumbs up for an exceptional quality script.”

“I enjoyed reading his analysis about my script, I like how he mentions what he likes about the script and the strength of the script . I enjoyed reading what Tim thinks the improvement of the script is and offers great suggestions on improving the script.”                   – jackie1995

“Wow…its amazing how you summed it all up into one sentence!” – crowdermachines




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